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WeDeliverOmaha offers a 5-Star Rated IKEA Furniture Delivery Service—Experience!

WeDeliverOmaha IKEA Furniture Delivery ServiceWeDeliverOmaha offers a 5-Star Rated IKEA furniture delivery service…You wont find a more respectable, timely, thorough service from Omaha. Let WeDeliverOmaha do all the hard work for you…just sit and relax, we’ll deliver and bring your items right where you need them.


Have confidence in WeDeliverOmaha because we provide an Omaha IKEA furniture delivery service every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Then we deliver your order within 2 business days of that pickup date. WeDeliverOmaha still gets your order WEEKS before most others and we eliminate the stresses of potential returns due to damaged or missing items! WeDeliverOmaha provides an expert Omaha IKEA furniture delivery service you simply can’t go without!


Timeline of events: Order (See a calendar of our next trips to the Right of the page or at the very bottom-left of every page)…WeDeliverOmaha then shops all day for our Omaha IKEA delivery clients and head back up to Omaha…WeDeliverOmaha services areas in-between Kansas City and Omaha so we make those deliveries while enroute. WeDeliverOmaha then starts Omaha IKEA delivery for Elkhorn, Gretna, Southwest Iowa, etc on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or any two business days following a trip.


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Why order with WeDeliverOmaha’s 5-Star Rated Omaha IKEA Furniture Delivery Service?

WeDeliverOmaha IKEA delivery and assembly

1: can take weeks to deliver (sometimes Months…this isn’t clear until a few steps into their ordering process. Most delivery estimates from them are broad dates…often times this date is delayed due to volume on their end)

2: delivery service provider already has the business (Their reputation isn’t at stake…IKEAs IS…notoriously underpaid, subpar service…this is how their rate is $99-$120. You get what you pay for.)

3:’s furniture delivery service dept and provider may miss items on your order or damage during transit (Solution to this is customer service dept –> this results in either a re-delivery *see #1* or a pickup of damaged item(s))…this is terribly stressful and often leads to hours on the phone with customer service.

4: delivery service provider will give a delivery window of…AN ENTIRE DAY! If you’re lucky, it will be a 4 hour window (This in and of itself is inconvenient. WeDeliverOmaha will give a window of 30-60 mins and we’ll be in constant contact via email, text, phone call, social media, etc…We have fantastic response times and we’re rated the best partly due to that great customer service.

5: WeDeliverOmaha offers professional Omaha IKEA furniture delivery that truly eliminate the stresses that come with ordering home furnishings…This stress is due to providers notoriously giving bad service to good people. We apologize for that and want to make things as easy as possible for you.

6: WeDeliverOmaha also conducts a monthly giveaway for a KALLAX Shelving unit…Sign-up below for your chance to win!