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Custom IKEA Kitchen from WeDeliverOmaha!

We offer several service options;

IKEA Kitchen Remodel by WeDeliverOmaha

Over the last few years we have done countless kitchen projects. We are skilled craftsmen who utilize specific techniques in order to ensure the highest quality installation of your IKEA® cabinetry.

WeDeliverOmaha captures the value of IKEA® and offers a fantastic service that really cannot be beat! You wont find a more experienced and preferred IKEA kitchen remodeler/ installer. We truly believe you cant beat the quality, design and overall value of IKEA® and our service.

Services we can provide for you;



IKEA Kitchens by WeDeliverOmaha - lidingo gray, huge island

Why IKEA® cabinets?


  1. Contemporary design at a great value and quality
  2. 25 Year warranty on all cabinets!!!
  3. Much less expensive than any competitor brands
  4. New kitchen line offers greater options for customization…with the right design, this will create a one-of-a-kind kitchen that greatly increases the value of your home or office
  5. Quick process (plan/ design, order, assemble & install)
  6. Brand new IKEA® cabinets INSTALLED are cheaper than most refacing options
  7. IKEA® comes standard with premium features (Competitors charge extra)IKEA-Kitchens-by-WeDeliverOmaha-Bodbyn-white-gray-glass-doors-big-island-class-subway-tile



Why you should choose WeDeliverOmaha;


IKEA kitchen cabinets are designed around the “frame-less” concept that is the industry standard for Europe. Many local installers are unfamiliar with this type of cabinetry and approach the installation process with a “how hard can it be, it’s IKEA®” attitude.

Most North American cabinets are pre assembled “face-frame” cabinets and most installers only have experience with this type of installation.Custom IKEA Kitchen by WeDeliverOmaha

WeDeliverOmaha knows the Ins and Outs of frame-less cabinetry. We will install your cabinets according to manufacturer’s instructions which are the only way to install it right.

Other installers that are unfamiliar with IKEA cabinetry will take other approaches which almost always result in a poor or lack of structural integrity installation. We are expert IKEA® kitchen remodel..ERS.


See our Reviews on,, and see project photos!

Remodeling and Home Design

Complete IKEA Kitchen:IKEA VEDDINGE cabinet fronts with modern edge and glass tiles Lincoln, NE IKEA kitchens


This is our Most Popular service…here’s why; WeDeliverOmaha does a complete IKEA kitchen remodel and takes the stress away from you in that we act as your general contractor (builind contractor).


Here is one example; New Homeowner Sam decides he wants to do an IKEA kitchen remodel as a new homeowner. He has decided that it’s best to do before he moves in (which we definitely agree as the kitchen can be a huge burden on an active home if it is out of service).

Sam goes online to find a reputable custom kitchen remodeler in Omaha…finds their price and timeline to be extremely high and long…Sam knows of IKEA® and then searches for a contractor who is skilled at IKEA kitchen remodels to install his new kitchen.

He then starts to demo his kitchen (like most would, he takes all existing cabinets out…takes out old backsplash which in turn takes some of the old drywall with it). He wants to make sure he has appropriate electrical and wants to replace the existing electric stove with a gas option.

So far Sam has just started a project that now requires;


  1. An Electrician
  2. A Drywaller
  3. A Plumber to potentially install a new line for the new refrigerators ice maker/ water dispenser and MUD/ Master plumber to come out for new range gas line
  4. A cabinet installer/ fabricator (Someone familiar with IKEA’s system)
  5. Potentially someone to design the new kitchen with the existing floor plan
  6. A company to get the cabinets ( offers home delivery but takes a long time and often makes mistakes)
  7. Depending on countertop selection – arrange for an outside company to measure and install (Lead time is 3-5 weeks on install and 7-10 days for template scheduling)


This is only BEFORE the IKEA kitchen remodel has really started…who knows what else might come up after a full and complete demolition. WeDeliverOmaha inspects your area and asks all the necessary questions in order to plan for the aforementioned.

WeDeliverOmaha takes all the stress away…we eliminate majority of it from the entire IKEA kitchen remodel. If you have ever been involved with a DIY project or stood by one with the early enthusiasm for the project…you know it doesn’t always turn out the best.

Assembly & Installation Service:


This is a great option for a business or developer or even homeowner to save some money…but at what cost will you accept a poor or improper IKEA kitchen remodel installation?

Service Includes;IKEA Kitchens in Omaha

  1. Verify your design and space
  2. Professional assembly and installation of IKEA® cabinets
  3. Side panels scribed & installed, Toekick installed
  4. IKEA® countertops installed (Optional)
  5. LED or cabinet lighting (service does not include new hard wired electrical)
  6. Expert door and drawer adjustment (Others dont spend nearly enough time on this)
  7. Caulk and clean up